Cloud Engineering Specialists

We help startups get to market quickly
with highly scalable cloud infrastructure
for rapid iteration, experimentation, and data-driven decision making.


Discuss infrastructure requirements for your product with one of our experts. Together we’ll find the architecture and tools that are right for you.


With your architecture and tools selected we create a plan for building an application delivery platform tailored to your specific business case.


Our team works with you to build your infrastructure so your team can is ready to start deploying right away with no delays.

We architect and build scalable cloud based production ready application delivery platforms for startups so they can launch fast


Every product is different, but there are always common building blocks. At FiveXL everything we build is described as code and we leverage ready-to-use, open source modules to build a platform for you. In this way, we are able to deliver solutions in a matter of days compared to weeks or months. And the added benefit of using open source infrastructure as code modules is that the maintenance is done for you and it’s free. We’ll work hand in hand with your infrastructure team when architecting and implementing solutions to ensure the smoothest handover.


There are common building blocks, but there is no one size fits all solution. We carefully assess your specific use case and collect the requirements to architect a platform that will deliver exactly what you need. We use open source modules to lay down a foundation and then implement a customization on top to get everything just right for you.

Security first and compliance ready

Be prepared for security and compliance audits for investors from day one. Getting this right at the beginning of your journey means you avoid the costs of re-engineering and technical debt when trying to introduce security controls later in the process. Provide your developers with secure infrastructure and ways to handle secrets and sensitive data safely and securely.


Everything we architect is built with resilience in mind to ensure business continuity even if part of infrastructure fails. In many cases the infrastructure we build for you will be able to self-heal, reducing the stress on your operations team and giving you peace of mind.


Cloud overheads can grow really fast. We choose the most cost effective solutions to provide procedures and automation to keep control of what you use and quickly drop what you don’t. And in the early part of your journey you can choose to adjust the resilience of the infrastructure in favour of cost efficiency.

Our Expertise

All the elements required for elite DevSecOps performance


Full stack cloud service provider of AWS, HashiCorp tools and Kubernetes.


Immutable infrastructure as code built using HashiCorp Terraform.


Lean and resilient cloud orchestration. Manage your containers with Docker, Nomad, ECS or Kubernetes.


Compliance ready on day one. Guard your sensitive data with HashiCorp Vault.

We believe that education should never stop. This is especially true in DevSecOps where there are always new tools and processes emerging that have to be investigated and mastered

Fivexl Founder - Andrey Devyatkin

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