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About FivexL

We understand the solitude of being the only specialist in your field within a company. It often feels like no one comprehends what you do, and there’s no one to share your thoughts with or discuss issues.
We know what it’s like to work tirelessly in outsourcing without the freedom to choose your projects or technology.
We also know what it’s like to provide support for legacy infrastructure while witnessing new technologies evolve around you.
This is exactly why we founded FivexL, to create a company where we ourselves would want to work.
Let’s be clear: FivexL isn’t a fit for everyone. It takes a unique blend of ambition, skill, and dedication. But, for the right person, it could be the ideal environment to truly unleash your potential.

Could that person be you?

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Key Skills:
AWS Solutions Engineering,
English proficiency: B2+

Analyzing the customer’s business challenges that can be addressed through infrastructure solutions.

Proposing infrastructure solutions that solve business tasks or enhance the productivity of the customer’s team.

Implementing proposed solutions or overseeing their implementation.

Training the customer’s staff in tools, technologies, concepts, and approaches.

Could You Be the Next Star of FivexL Team?

Yes, If You:
Are independent, self-organized, and have experience with remote work;

Are positive, ambitious, and proactive;

Have a desire to grow, learn, and excel in your field;

Understand that the core of work is human interaction, with technology serving as a context;

Can approach work from the perspective of solving customer business problems, not just focusing on technology;

Understand change management processes within an organization and can organize them;

Have an understanding of software development processes (Agile/Kanban/Lean);

Understand concepts such as: Infrastructure as Code, Immutable infrastructure, Configuration drift, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery.

What need to do?

1. Fill the form, tell us about your motivation.

2. Take the English Test.

3. Take the Personality Test.

4. Meet the team and share your experience.

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