Who is FivexL?

FivexL is a group of independent Cloud Engineering Specialists. We help startups launch their products super fast by building scalable, cloud-based, production-ready platforms. Wherever you are in your DevSecOps journey, we have experts who can help.

Whats in a name

FivexL, sure sounds cool but what does it stand for?


We are a multi-talented DevSecOps team that combines our knowledge and expertise to help each other in our professional working lives. Within the field of DevSecOps, there are many tools and processes and our team members combine specialist knowledge in every area. We believe that working together makes us all stronger than any of us could ever be if we were working alone.


We believe great DevSecOps capability can only be built on a foundation of trust and respect. That’s why we place so much emphasis on having a loving culture of open communication, honesty, and horizontal organization. Our members commit to helping each other and that commitment extends to our customers. We want to create a single, lovely culture around everything we do.

Location Independent

We have no central office, no place where people need to physically be at 9 am every day. That’s because we are a distributed team that believes in the power of a laptop and an internet connection. We don’t limit our approach to recruitment by requiring everyone to live within commuting distance. Our members enjoy the freedom to strike their own work/life balance in the locations of their choice.

Lifetime Learners

We believe that education should never stop. This is especially true in DevSecOps where there are always new tools and processes emerging that have to be investigated and mastered. To always be at the cutting edge of new technologies requires a lifelong commitment to continuous training and improvement. We make that investment in ourselves every day to stay ahead of the curve.

Reach out to our team of experts and lets start your DevSecOps journey together with FivexL

Certified AWS Architect
Continuous Integration and Delivery specialist
Public speaker
Certified AWS Architect
Continuous Integration and Delivery specialist
HashiCorp tools specialist

Certified AWS Architect
Containerization Specialist focused on AWS ECS
Continuous Integration and Delivery Specialist

Certified AWS
Kubernetes Expert
GitOps Specialist
Certified AWS Architect
Certified AWS Architect
Cloud Engineering specialist
Python Developer
Cloud Computing Instructor
Solutions Architect
Software and Platform Engineer
Ex-AWS (Amazon Web Services)

FivexL Advisors

Anton Babenko

Terraform specialist
HashiCorp Ambassador AWS Community Hero

Senior consultant, CTO
AWS Expert
Specialises on infrastructure as code, DevOps, and reusable infrastructure components

Julien Bisconti

Google Cloud/DataOps Expert

Senior consultant
Conference speaker

Google Developer Expert Specialises on site reliability and data transactions in distributed systems