Andrey Devyatkin

Principal Cloud Engineering Consultant

Co-Founder of FivexL

15+ years in development, automation and leadership roles

AWS Community Builder

Public speaker

Podcast co-host


Principal AWS Solutions Engineer with a focus on building secure, scale-ready, and cost-effective infrastructure for startups.


AWS · Infrastructure as code · CI/CD


Public speaking


Master of Computer Science, Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Before FivexL

Before FivexL, Andrey worked as an independent consultant and, before that, was CEO of a regional branch of a Danish consulting company.


Andrey likes reading, traveling, and running. He is a full Ironman and sub-2:45 marathoner.




Alexey.png June 2, 2023

Introducing the Open-Source Terraform AWS SSO Elevator Module with Slack Integration

Open-source Terraform AWS SSO Elevator tool allows requesting and granting temporary elevated access for AWS SSO through a Slack request/approval workflow.

Andrew_Terraform.png May 5, 2023

Moving Terraform Managed Resources Between States for Scaling AWS Infrastructure in Startups

Comprehensive comparison and a step-by-step guide for implementing two methods for moving Terraform managed resources between states in AWS infrastructure in terms of speed, reliability and scalability.

Reaction4.png September 22, 2022

FivexL’s Reaction to the AWS Security Baseline for Startups

FivexL shares its outlook on AWS Security Guidelines for startups. Find out how to improve your AWS security efficiently.

Cloud_trail_article.png May 7, 2022

What Is AWS CloudTrail, and Why Do You Need It

Find out how the CloudTrail-to-Slack Terraform module by FivexL solves problems for startups and small teams.