Anton Eremin

AWS Cloud Engineer

Certified AWS Architect


AWS Solutions Architect with the focus on building secure, immutable, scale-ready, and cost-effective infrastructure for startups.


AWS · DevOps · Terraform · Python

Recent success story

Anton played a significant role in the FivexL development team on the Terraform AWS SSO Elevator project, making a notable contribution. The Terraform AWS SSO Elevator is an open-source module designed for implementing temporary elevated access via the AWS IAM Identity Center (the successor to AWS Single Sign-On) and Slack.



Anton is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Information Technology at North-Caucasus Federal University.


Anton is a 3D artist engaged in both personal projects and small-scale collaborative efforts. His primary focus is on character creation, where he has developed a keen understanding of anatomy to produce lifelike figures. He also specializes in texturing, ensuring surfaces have the right look and feel, and in prop design, creating detailed items that add depth to scenes. Visit his portfolio at ArtStation.


container.png February 15, 2024

FivexL Container Hardening Guide

Comprehensive and continuously updated list of best practices for securing containerized workloads. From build to execution.

Alexey.png June 2, 2023

Introducing the Open-Source Terraform AWS SSO Elevator Module with Slack Integration

Open-source Terraform AWS SSO Elevator tool allows requesting and granting temporary elevated access for AWS SSO through a Slack request/approval workflow.