AI Copywriting Assistant


ChatGPT is an AI-driven writing companion designed to aid users in crafting, refining, and polishing technical content. This specialized digital collaborator supports the author with research, creative ideation, and editorial advice tailored to the technical domain.
While the Virtual Assistant Copywriter provides valuable input, the author remains ultimately responsible for proofreading and ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the final content.


Research Assistant · Content Editor


Data Collection (Pre-training) - Starting 2019

Model Training - 2020

Model Refinement and Improvement - 2021

Knowledge Base - Up to September 2021


Andrew_Terraform.png May 5, 2023

Moving Terraform Managed Resources Between States for Scaling AWS Infrastructure in Startups

Comprehensive comparison and a step-by-step guide for implementing two methods for moving Terraform managed resources between states in AWS infrastructure in terms of speed, reliability and scalability.