Vera Zhukova

Marketing Director



Cross-functional professional with 15 years of experience in marketing and brand management.


Brand management · Digital marketing


Master in Marketing management, Russian New University, Moscow
Course of Brand management at London Business School

Before FivexL



“Self-driven, professional, and super motivated to do a good job. Vera is not afraid to change subject areas and does it successfully. Her successful work with FivexL and parallel business ventures inspires the whole team. She confidently develops consulting brand FivexL and, at the same time, is looking for new business development directions.”
Principal Consultant, Co-Founder Andrey Devyatkin

“Vera is very kind and knows how to win over anyone. Looks at the problem from different angles, offers new ideas and motivates the team.”
Consultant, Maria Zubchenko

“The kindest person, knows how to look at familiar things from a different angle, which is very important for a marketer. Vera is an athlete, has been to many places, travels a lot, and is an interesting interlocutor. She knows how to implement things that no one has done before.”
Consultant Ivan Razzhivin

“Vera is a professional in her field. She promotes excellent ideas that help customers understand that FivexL is the one who is definitely worth working with.”
Senior Consultant, Co-Founder Artem Zhelezov


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