Alexey Eremin

Cloud Engineering Consultant

Certified AWS Architect


AWS Solutions Architect with the focus on building secure, immutable, scale-ready, and cost-effective infrastructure for startups.


AWS · DevOps · Terraform



“Alexey’s superpowers are attention to detail and thoughtfulness. You can trust Alexey with the most complex projects - he will methodically and thoughtfully look into the problem and collect all the data necessary to solve it once and for all. You should also add to this excellent communication with the customer, which is necessary for any successful consultant.”
Principal Consultant, Co-Founder @Andrey Devyatkin

“Alexey is reliable. You can rely on him and be sure that he won’t let you down. Having only a few months of experience on a project where there was already a large unfamiliar system running, he managed not only to handle everything by himself but also to improve many components.”
Senior Consultant, Co-Founder @Artem Zhelezov

“Alexey is a very thoughtful person and his every word carries a lot of weight and is not accidental. At the same time, he is ready to make fast decisions without hesitation. He likes rock climbing and traveling.”
Marketing Director @Vera Zhukova

“Alexey is very erudite and calm. Very thoughtful, without unnecessary emotions and panic, he would always find a way out of any situation. Responsive, always supportive, and easy to talk to on any topic.”
Consultant @Maria Zubchenko

A kind and honest colleague with great potential, and a bright mind. Alexey is able to understand complicated things in detail. He loves rock climbing and is always ready for adventure.”
Consultant @Ivan Razzhivin

Case Studies


Qameta Case Study

FivexL designed and implemented a cost-efficient, scalable, and secure Cloud-based SaaS.

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Alexey.png June 2, 2023

Introducing the Open-Source Terraform AWS SSO Elevator Module with Slack Integration

Open-source Terraform AWS SSO Elevator tool allows requesting and granting temporary elevated access for AWS SSO through a Slack request/approval workflow.