Vladimir Samoylov

Senior Cloud Engineering Consultant

AWS Community Builder

Certified AWS Architect

10+ years experience in ops, infra automation, development

Python/Machine Learning Enthusiast, Immutable Infrastructure Advocate


Highly professional AWS community builder, certified AWS Solutions Architect, certified ScrumMaster, and certified Terraform associate.


AWS · DevOps · Terraform

Recent success story


Public activity

HashiConf 2021 Global.
HashiConf EU 2021.
AWS meetup: “AWS Sport pricing and best price selection automation via Terraform.”
HashiCorp User Group: “Hashicorp, Consul and Terraform Certification.”
Vladimir created Open Source Terraform modules.

Before FivexL

Vladimir works almost 3 years for FivexL. His broad 10+ years of experience is from HTML/CSS-coder, Senior System Administrator to Technical Director, and Cloud Engineering Independent consultant. It gives a three-dimensional view of the problem he is working on and allows him to offer a unique solution. He thinks outside of the box.


Vladimir, a resident of Thailand and a fan of Asian culture, develops the Asian AWS community and participates in regional cloud engineering events.


“Vladimir is the person who reads the documentation and has phenomenal attention to detail that allows him to be highly successful in any business. In FivexL, the expectation bar is very high, and Vladimir constantly beats it. I also want to note he finds time and helps all the other members of the team. Generally, Vladimir kicks ass. One man team kind of person.”
Principal Consultant, Co-Founder Andrey Devyatkin

“Vladimir is very friendly and always ready to help. And given his experience and knowledge - he will help with anything.” Consultant Alexey Eremin

“Vladimir is always full of energy and ideas. His extensive experience gives a unique perspective on the task and allows him to find solutions outside the framework. Vova’s Superpower is openness, striving for new knowledge and challenges. He is in demand as a speaker at professional events, where he shares knowledge and shows how to put it into practice.”
Marketing Director Vera Zhukova

“You only know a hardworking person if you have worked with Vladimir, and he has a vast experience behind him. He is a kind colleague and friend. Vladimir will always help with advice and help out in difficult situations. He is always on the trend of new technologies. He plays tennis in virtual reality and flies quadcopters.”
Consultant Ivan Razzhivin

“There is a feeling that there are no such questions that Vladimir would not know the answer to. He will always help and support you, take you by the hand and bring you to an end. He has a broad outlook.”
Consultant, Maria Zubchenko

Case Studies


Firi Case Study

FivexL rebuilt and migrated infrastructure to AWS Elastic Container Service for the Norwegian cryptocurrency exchange.

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Ovrture Case Study

FivexL implemented infrastructure as code, reduced costs, and provided the ability to scale for a philanthropic communications platform.

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Wings Case Study

FivexL built a scalable and secure infrastructure in AWS from the ground up in just 3 months for a smart expense management service.

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